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Committed to paving the way

Since 2012 Safe Community has grown to be a dynamic and trend setting team, full of passionate individuals who are committed to making our vision a reality and South Africa a better place for us all.

Our Success

Our success does not lie within ourselves but the work we do together and all the Role Players whom we are associated and network with, not to mention all the organisations and community members who support this movement.

Empowering Communities Since 2012

We believe in empowering, assisting and uniting our local Community Watches, Neighbourhood Watch organisations (NHW’s), Community Policing Forums (CPF’s), the South African Police Services (SAPS), Private Security Companies, Alarm and Armed Response Companies, Municipalities, Ward Committees, Residents and Rate Payers Associations and various other relevant Role Players by developing user friendly technologies to assist you and them with their endeavours and improve service delivery to our communities with the ultimate family safety, crime fighting and smart city platform.

We assist various organisations

We donate various tools and safety aids to assist various organisations. At Safe Community we believe that a unified approach is the most effective solution. Over the years we have developed our amazing state of the art Mobile App which enables you, your family, your community and all the relevant Role Players to be imultaneously informed and continually updated whenever there is an incident or occurrence within your community. There are many great features to our Mobile App which continues to make this project a huge success, we are continually adding new features to our Mobile App for your benefit.

Inspirational Youth Development

As part of our proactive approach we have another division of Safe Community known as Inspirational Youth Development which is aimed at restoring valuable morals and ethics into the youth of today aswell as encouraging passionate youth to become Superheroes, which is essential for our current and future generations.

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