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Hints and Tips

Safe Communtiy provides various helpful hints and tips on topics ranging from ATM fraud, benefits of community clean ups, what are Community Police Forums, snake bite first aid tips and many more! Keeping you and your loved ones informed.

ATM Fraud

Safe Community believe prevention is better than cure. These simple Hints and Tips may save you from becoming a victim of ATM Fraud.

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CPF Tips

The CPF, (Community Policing Forum) is a partnership with the members of the SAPS as well as members of the community (public).

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Fire Safety

Keep matches out of the reach of children. Do not overload electrical sockets or run electrical cords under carpets.

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General Safety Tips

When it comes to home safety, it’s important to be prepared and safeguard you and your family should you ever be involved in a bad situation. This information may save a life.

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Jogging Safety

If you constantly exercise at 08:30 in the morning on the same trail, this can help an attacker plan a more successful attack.

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Remote Jamming

Criminals in S.A are using radio transmitted gate remotes to interrupt the signal emitted from a car-key and the vehicle’s transponder.

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Missing Pet Tips

Before setting out to scour the neighborhood, you should place food, water and an unwashed piece of clothing with your scent outside the door.

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