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Community Outreach

Make our world a better place starting with your local community. Uplifting and empowering our communities and organisations is essential, to name a few initiatives that we are involved in and support are Community Watches, Neighbourhood Watches (NHW’s), Community Police Forums (CPF’s), Residents and Rate Payers Associations.

We also assist with Donate to the Needy giving back boxes which mainly collect clothing, food & stationery. Items collected are donated to local organisations and charities in the nearby vicinities such as the Salvation Army, Thandi House, local churches and children’s homes.

We encourage everyone to get involved and make our world a better place starting with your local community!

Community Watch

We believe in uplifting and supporting Neighbourhood/ Community Watches (NHW’s) as we know and believe in their effectiveness.

Community Policing Forums

Community Policing Forums (CPF’s) bring the police and community together, assisting in bridging the gap between the public and the police to solve problems and challenges of crime.

Donate to the Needy

As per our giving back campaign in youth development we have been involved in various projects and assisted other organisations, as together we can all achieve more.

Community Initiatives

There are many productive projects and events that are being done in communities across South Africa, we encourage everyone to get involved.