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The ultimate smart city solution, safety and security tool for you, your family and community.

How it works

Step 1

Identify the type of threat:

SOS (Real Emergency)
Report (Non-Emergency)

Step 2

Add additional information and hit send

Step 3

Be kept updated through your
Safe Community app
on who is available and able to assist

Our 24/7 Command and Control Centre, relevant responders and community members are immediately notified with easy to use, direct drive to map and voice guided navigation.

Safe Community App Features


24/7 Command and Control Room

Ready to assist you



In the event of a major emergency activate your S.O.S.



Reported activities are immediately circulated.


Customised Settings

Choose categorized features and alerts that you wish to be notified of.  The app has many settings which enables you to setup your device so that it will only notify you of incidents that you would find relevant and important. This greatly assists you, preventing you being bombarded with unnecessary and irrelevant information.


Results are location-based. Get in direct contact with the nearest SUPERHERO in your or another’s time of need.

Location Based

GPS location-based technology is used for accuracy.

  • Easy to use “Drive to” map.
  • Notification distance filter.
  • Location based alerts.
  • Looking after you, your family and home wherever you may be.


Each incident reported has a built in chat feature to prevent unnecessary chit chat.

  • You get to choose whether you would like to follow a topic and be kept in the loop of progress on the report via the chats.
  • Enables you, other users, and participating role players to be kept simultaneously updated about an incident on the same platform.

Traffic Cameras

Avoid traffic delays with SANRAL, the custodian of the national road network. View your route & take alternative routes to avoid congestion, accidents, road works and delays.

Western Cape

The Safe Community App is extremely easy to use Anytime, Anywhere.

The App brings some of the latest technologies to your fingertips, networking you and your family with our 24/7 command and control centre, the South African Police Services (SAPS), SAPS 10111, Security Companies, Alarm and Armed Response Companies, Community Watches, Neighbourhood Watches (NHW’s), Community Police Forums (CPF’s), Municipalities, Ward Committees, Residents and Rate Payers Associations, participating community members and others around you, various other Role Players and organisations 24/7.

Enabling all participants to be kept simultaneously updated using this collaborative technology, which features an SOS panic button, a report button, customised settings, location based alerts and notifications, SUPERHERO contact results, traffic camera feeds and updates just to name some of the many benefits and features.

Membership Contribution

Individual and Families

R 49
  • Single subscription for upto 5 family members
  • First month free trial period
  • Month to month option to opt out
  • Trusted Netcash payment gateway

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