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Inspirational Youth Development

Safe Community proudly presents Inspirational Youth Development as we are firm believers in the saying “prevention is better than cure”.

Our Goals

Identifying the need to inspire our misguided and mislead youth. Our short-term goals are achieved by restoring some much needed and valuable morals and ethics into our youth.

Our long term aim of this project is to inspire youth to become passionate Superheroes in the relevant departments which will greatly improve service delivery and go out into the world and be the change they wish to see.

Carefully selected topics structured for different ages and grades

Put these posters up in your child’s class room or bedroom to inspire them to make good choices.

Foundation Phase

Living clean
Road Safety
Don’t touch my body

Intermediate Phase

Drug Awareness
Racism free society
Stop bullying

Senior Phase

Giving back
Dangers of social media
Career guidance

Download our posters

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Inspiring Youth to Become a Superhero

Brave like a Lion

Be the king of the jungle and become a brave SUPERHERO by joining the Flying Squad, K9 Unit, Bomb Squad, Police Service, Detectives, Search & Rescue Teams and much more.

Did you know that a group of Lions is called a Pride?

Vigilant like a Meerkat

Become a community SUPERHERO by keeping a look out for suspicious activities in our community. Assist SAPS, CPF’s and leading Security Companies in creating a crime free area for our friends, family & neighbours.

Did you know that a group of Meerkats is called a Gang?

Wise like an Owl

Representing your local area, become a wise observer of human society.  Become a SUPERHERO and make a difference to the quality of other people’s daily lives and prospects.

Did you know that a group of Owls is called a Parliament or Congress?

Protective like a Buffalo

Security Companies play a vital role in protecting you, at home, at school and during work. Working closely with our SUPERHEROES may open a career path for you, in the safety and security industry.

Did you know that a group of Buffalo is called a Herd or a Troop?

Magnificent like a Leopard

Inspire to become a lifesaving SUPERHERO. By using superlative skills become an advanced Life Support Medic, Nurse, Emergency Rescue Worker, Doctor, Veterinarian and much more.

Did you know that a group of Leopards is called a Leap?

Courageous like a Rhino

Awaken your inner SUPERHERO by exercising courage and inspire to become your local fire chief or become an Urban, Industrial or Airport Firefighter, and much more.

Did you know that a group of Rhino is called a Crash?

Expeditious like a Cheetah

Roadside assistance and breakdown coverage, are SUPERHEROES on steroids, as fast as a cheetah when needed the most.

Did you know that a group of Cheetahs is called a Coalition?

Confident like a Giraffe

Inspiring well-groomed SUPERHEROES, become a teacher that moves with confidence and elegance passing wisdom and passion onto our youth.

Did you know that a group of Giraffe is called a Herd or a Tower?

Extraordinary like Zebra

Uniquely designed with great zeal to serve a City is a SUPERPOWER like no other. Become your area SUPERHERO, and exercise basic City services for the greater good of our people.

Did you know that a group of Zebras is called a Zeal or Dazzle?

Intelligent like an Elephant

Our nation’s SUPERHERO strength comes from special intelligents. You could end up
sailing with the Navy, flying with the Air Force while protecting our country.

Did you know that a group of Elephants is called a Herd or a Parade?

Graceful like a Springbok

While Farmers take a leap of Faith to assist in feeding the nation a lot of passion and commitment are essential  SUPERPOWERS.

Did you know that a group of Springbok is called a Herd?