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ATM Fraud

Safe Community believe prevention is better than cure. These simple Hints and Tips may save you from becoming a victim of ATM Fraud.

When transacting:

  • Be observant, vigilant & cautious take note of loiterers
  • Never accept help from ANYONE
  • Check the ATM for any tampering
  • Only insert your card when prompted by the ATM to do so
  • Stand Close to the ATM, use your body as a sight shield
  • Always conceal your pin, cover the keypad
    After transacting always take your card, cash & slip

If you experience any problems:

  • Guard the card slot
  • Do not allow anyone else access to ATM
  • Attempt to recover your card
  • Check for any foreign objects & possible devices
  • Try get management of the shopping centres attention to report your problem

Types of scams to be aware of:

  • Camera
  • Pinhole camera records your pin
  • Skimming Device
    Placed over the existing one to read your cards data
  • Receipt & Money Dispenser
  • Criminals may also leave a slip or money note at the ATM for an excuse to distract you
  • Card Slot
  • X-Ray film is force inside the slot to jam your card
  • Keypad
  • Dummy keypad placed over the existing one to record your pin

If your card is lost or stolen call your bank IMMEDIATELY and cancel your card before leaving the ATM

  • Absa – 080 011 1155 Then press option 1
  • Capitec – 086 010 2043 Then press option 1
  • FNB – 087 575 9444
  • Nedbank – 080 011 0929
  • Standard 080 002 0600 Then press option 1

Do not accept assistance from strangers and never reveal your pin to anyone

Stay Safe when transacting