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These simple Child Safety Tips could save our children’s life:

  • Teach your child their name and your cell phone number at a early age
  • Teach them how to call the 10111 number for help
  • Teach your children to scream as LOUDLY as possible when threatened
  • Never leave your child unsupervised in a car or in a public place
    Install the importance of never accepting a ride from a stranger
  • Monitor your child’s Social Media activity
  • Talk to your children about child abduction and the importance of being observant of their surroundings
  • It is important not to force a child to hug someone if they have hesitated doing so
  • Teaching our children that if somebody has touched them or said something, and it made them feel uncomfortable they should tell you immediately

It is important to have an open communication relationship with our children so that they feel confident talking to us as parents, their guardian, and protectors. You may find in many cases; some perpetrators are people we are familiar with daily.