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Avoid becoming a Victim of Drink Spiking

Drink spiking is when someone deliberately adds alcohol or another drug to your drink without your knowledge.

Warning signs on what to look out for:

  • You feel unusually drowsy.
  • Your vision gets blurry.
  • You feel nauseated and sick.
  • Your heart begins to race.
  • You feel extremely thirsty.
  • You feel like you are in a dream state.
  • You feel like you are outside your own body.
  • You lose your coordination.
  • You feel numb.


  • NEVER leave your drink unattended.
  • Always stay with your friends, don’t go off alone. Have their contact details on you somewhere other than your phone.
  • Not only alcoholic drinks get spiked any drink can be spiked always be observant of your surroundings and your drink.
  • Pick a venue right for you, if you don’t feel that you are in a safe place then you should rather leave.
  • Always eat before a night out, never drink on an empty stomach.
  • Know what you are drinking so you can keep track of how much you have had.
  • This will help you and your friends know if you have been spiked because you have kept account of your alcohol consumption.
  • Ladies – Keep a pair of slip on shoes in your bag, so that when your heels are no longer comfortable you may change into a manageable pair of shoes.
  • Keep your taxi money in another part of your wallet/purse so that you don’t spend it.
  • Always sit in the back of the taxi if you are traveling by yourself. Take a photo of your driver and send it to your parents or a friend.