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Tips on Water Safety:

  • Always avoid crossing an overflowing river or swollen streams.
  • During heavy rains, it’s imperative that people stay indoors if the structure is stable.
  • People must avoid swimming in any flowing rivers.
  • Motorists must never attempt to cross flooded roads, rather seek higher ground
  • Extra caution must be taken at night during heavy rains as it can be more difficult to recognise flood dangers.
  • If water enters a building, occupants must switch off the electrical supply to the building before moving belongings to a safe place.
  • Ensure all animals are protected during floods.
  • If living in low-lying areas, monitor rising water levels and abandon home if evacuation is required.

Checklist for residents to prepare for the extreme rainfall:

  • Make sure that drainage pipes on your property are not blocked
  • Make sure that the storm water gutters around your property are free from debris
  • Check for dead or burnt trees that have the potential of falling onto your property and causing damage
  • Place sandbags where necessary to protect critical areas
  • In informal settlements, raise the floor level of your home to be higher than the land outside
  • Listen to weather warnings that are issued by the South African Weather Service

Have an emergency plan:

Don’t be caught off-guard. Discuss an emergency plan with your family and work out an escape route in case there’s a flood near or in your home and make sure you know the emergency numbers you might need.