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Dog poison First aid Tips:

  • Dog poisoning within criminal intent is unfortunately a common occurrence in South Africa.
  • In most cases of dog poisoning a product with the street name “ Two Step” is being used to bait our dogs.
  • Aldicarb is an active ingredient in the poison that effects the nervous system if ingested, causing all muscles including the ability to Breathe, heartbeat, and intestines to fail.
  • Two Step is normally a black/dark grey granular substance resembling poppy seeds or gun powder and is placed in meat/bread and thrown over your premises. Symptoms of Two Step poisoning can show within 5 minutes and includes some or more of the following: weakness/paralysis, nausea/vomiting, salivation, epilepsy, urination, muscle tremors, and pupil constriction.

Personal Safety:

  • Avoid contact with saliva, body fluids or other excretions.
  • Wear gloves
  • Your dog is in distress and might show signs of aggression, be careful.

Immediate treatment:

  • Administer activated charcoal to slow absorption (Available from a chemist/vet).
  • Keep the animal warm with a light blanket.
    Check the yard thoroughly for more pieces of poisoned bait.
    Get your pet to a Vet immediately.
  • Always keep activated charcoal tablets available in your home.
  • Contact your local vet for further info