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What to do if you are being followed

In this frightening scenario, instinct can play a key role.

What to do if you suspect you’re being followed

In this frightening scenario, instinct can play a key role.
It’s important to trust your senses and keep a calm head to protect yourself and get to a safe zone as quickly as possible.

Be aware of your surroundings

Always be observant in your surroundings it is easy to become absorbed in our thoughts or smartphones and not pay full attention to what’s going on around us. Being aware on what is happening you will able to respond quicker and won’t be caught off guard. If walking beside a road, it’s also advisable to walk in the direction of oncoming traffic so a vehicle can’t come up behind you.

Take a detour if you think you are being followed

Try to deliberately go a different direction to see if you are still being followed. The best way to do this is to turn away from the direction you’re heading, then go back on yourself in a loop. Alternatively, if you’re walking along a road, find a safe place and cross the road, then a short while later cross back and see if they follow. At this point if they continue to be on your tail, it’s best to seek help as quickly as possible.

Find the nearest Safe Zone

Avoid going home or trying to lose your stalker by taking a side street or alley. Instead head somewhere busy, as this may put off anyone wishing to cause you harm. Go inside a busy shop or restaurant or even the nearest house and tell somebody you can trust about your suspicions.

Don’t keep looking over your shoulder

Even though you may be tempted to keep looking round to see who’s following, its best to refrain. If you’re focusing on what’s happening behind you, then you’re not fully aware of what is going on in front. Turning around may also give the game away, so they’ll know you’re onto them which could provoke a confrontation. Whilst they are unaware, you can use this to your advantage.

Get Help

If safe to do so and you feel under immediate threat, then call the Police straight away. Carrying a personal safety device or app can provide vital assistance in these situations, especially one that allows direct navigation, response time is vital at this point and saves you spelling out the road you are on. This may save precious time.

If the person approaches you and you feel in immediate danger, start yelling as loud as you can and run away to the nearest house or a busy Safe Zone.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you yell and the person wasn’t following you, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Loud noises might be enough to deter the attacker since they don’t want to draw any attention to themselves. Always try walk with somebody or in a group.

What are Safe Zones?

Petrol stations, shopping centres, restaurants, local shops or spaza shops any area where there is high foot traffic.